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Psychological Evaluation in St. Charles, IL

Dr. Langner’s specialty in treating anxiety and depression has helped many patients already. He conducts psychological evaluations in St. Charles, IL. His methods are unique to the point that it ensures that the problem's root cause is treated. Here are some of the patients’ reviews of Dr. Langner’s methods. 


Daniel Treccia

7 reviews

5 days ago-

There is absolutely nothing that Dr. Langner cannot help you with if you confront the fear within yourself of opening up to someone. I went through a period of my life where I lost honest contact with everyone. Putting the weight of my true feelings on someone felt unacceptable and after awhile I forgot who I was because I had to constantly bury my own feelings to get along in a society I felt left behind in. Dr. Langner helped me with my ADHD, but after a year of treatment, I began to trust him with feelings I felt he wouldn't care to hear about. Most psychiatrists I've seen have been for the pills I needed to avoid distraction in an ever increasing load of distraction that comes with age. I began my treatment young with other psychiatrists and therapists. I always divided the distinction of psychiatrist as doctor you didn't really talk to and therapist to person you tell everything to. The amazing thing about Dr. Langner is he doesn't just treat your medical problems, he spends so much time caring about what you are actually feeling and what you are doing with your life as well. After seeing the same sincere interest and concern for my well being in a way that had nothing to do with money and time of appointment (he's let me go past my appointment end time and I noticed he does for others as well, which I have no problem with because everyone needs his help who is there) - I began to trust Dr. Langner and realize I was omitting truth and also telling non-truths because I was too ashamed to admit it to someone at this point of my life. Understand by this point in my life my heart was shattered by nearly everyone I ever confided in and at my age, 30's - I don't open up to parents and family because of past experiences that never went well in doing that, as well as my respect for them not to weight them down with my problems. Dr. Langner was entirely accepting of my admission of this situation and he made me comfortable in telling the truth, even telling me not to feel ashamed or sorry to him! We switched that very moment to just - recovering. He takes an active position in YOUR plan to help you recover in ways other than medication. He's the architect of your recovery plan. I am weighed down by realizing many different things about my life that I can't say in 30 minutes or weigh down on anyone in my life outside of Dr. Langner. He understands that and I recommend him to anyone out there who thinks their voice is too pathetic to be heard by another caring individual. Dr. Langner is a part of a business practice - so yes it costs money for this service, but I promise you if you've paid money to people before that medicated you with what you needed and stopped because the medicine stopped working and the prescribing doctor could care less about you - GO and see Dr. Langner. He provides and experience that comes from a sincere place and won't abandon you or make you feel like you cannot trust him to help you find and adjustment when you hit a wall in your treatment. I am so fortunate to have the means of support to see him from my family and the proximity to the most caring and educated doctor in the profession. (Apologies for the 'run on' sentences, but I had a lot to say to help those who felt like me before/during treatment as it takes awhile to trust someone, but Dr. Langner does it if you give him the time for YOU to trust him.) :)


David Frick

2 weeks ago

Here is why I respect the best psychiatrist I have ever had, Dr. Langner! About him as a person, a few things I have learned through the years (5) of having him as my doctor. He is a pilot, an author, a lieutenant commander in the Navy during Vietnam, his daily 2-hour workout includes a Stairmaster at the extreme top level. About him as a psychiatrist, he has been practicing for over 50 years and has treated every psychiatric condition conceivable. He knows what medicines are effective rather than being influenced by advertisers. Speaking of helping psychiatric conditions, he has helped me tremendously with my debilitating anxiety along with my depression and sleeplessness. I would recommend him to anyone.

Mike Yocius 

10 months ago

I have been seeing Dr. Langner for more than a year now. He is an excellent doctor and is willing to help you and truly cares to make you better. I was a little thrown off by his house doubling as his office. But, he is very knowledgeable and I wouldn't want to see anyone else.

Jennifer Sharkey

a year ago
I was bounced around from Therapist to Psychiatrist to Therapist to Psychiatrist. I never really clicked with any of them. And then I met Dr. Langner, thank God. He has been a godsend with regards to my mental health. The best thing about him is that he spends 30 minutes talking to you about YOU and whatever it is you may be going through. And he really, really gets it. It's so clear that he understands and is listening. It's not your typical psychiatrist who talks to you for 10 minutes about your medicine and hands you some prescriptions. He's wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone!

Jenni Lynn

2 years ago

I've seen 5 psychiatrists in the past before I saw Dr Langner. For the first time I'm actually satisfied with my doctor. He's very knowledgeable, has been practicing for a very long time, is smart and funny and caring, and most importantly he is concerned about the best interest for my mental health . His office is in his house which gives a relaxed feel and his pet poodle is always happy to sit with me and put a smile on my face. Booking appointments is easy and if I happen to accidentally miss an appointment and need to reschedule, they are always very accommodating.

Jackie Macis

a year ago

I personally have never had a doctor as great as him. He listens and gets to the problem. I enjoy his visits and feels better every time I leave. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!