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Effective and Proven ADHD Treatment in St. Charles, IL

Psychiatric conditions come in many forms and affect people of all ages. At Dr. H.P. Langner Psychiatry, he delivers caring and respectful professional attention to every patient. Dr. Langner is ready to help whether ADHD treatment in St. Charles, IL, is required, or assistance with another issue is the matter at hand.


ADHD, also known as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is most often identified in children and requires a medical diagnosis before it can be confirmed. Symptoms of limited attention and hyperactivity often characterize it. It can manifest itself in some ways. People who have this disorder may often be excitable, impulsive, or irritable. These individuals may also have difficulty focusing and can struggle with absent-mindedness. Moods can swing from boredom to anger to excitement. ADHD can negatively affect relationships with the patient and those around him or her.

Dr. Langner's mental health services are based on psycho-biological treatments for ADHD and other conditions, such as depression or anxiety. His patient-centered approach puts the individual first in every step of your journey to wellbeing.


If you or your child is dealing with ADHD, you can find caring and respectful treatment from Dr. H.P. Langner Psychiatry